Are you . . .
facing difficulty disciplining your child?
feeling that your child is unable to cope with academics despite
being intelligent?
finding your child to be withdrawn / restless / distracted /
irritable / aggressive or unable to concentrate
frustrated with your child’s fussy eating habits
concerned about his bed wetting, stammering and midnight
If you would like to correct any of these behaviour
patterns, we at Li’l Champs would like to assist you.

Li’l Champs is a professional service offered by, a therapeutic and
counselling resource center to the future champs. At, a team of specially
trained counsellors and psychotherapists use play therapy to help Li’l Champs, who are
struggling with a wide array of emotional difficulties and issues related to their development.
The counsellors work along with the children to resolve these problems over a tenure of
about 12 sessions that last an hour each. These play and activity based sessions aim to
increase resilience and self esteem within each child enabling him / her to use this as a
springboard to deal with difficulties in real world more confidently.
Besides this, also conducts parenting seminars and training
workshops for school teachers.

Play being a natural mode of communication, children use play to better emote
their feelings than talk about them. This play way is used by the therapist to help
children understand about their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. In play a child
does not feel threatened or interrogated and hence is able to re enact or play out
a traumatic life experience.
Play therapists use a large selection of play toys such as art and craft materials,
sand, water, small human figures and animals, books, puzzles etc as means of
communication. The child is allowed to pick and choose the activity he likes best.
The trained play therapist then interprets the child’s emotions and feelings from
his actions and play activity.

As the sessions progress, there is a marked improvement in their relationships,
self esteem, confidence, energy levels, academics, productivity and creativity.
Children learn to cope with conflicts and difficult life circumstances. Special
behavioural changes are also brought about.
The play therapy sessions take place once a week at the same place and time and
typically last for an hour. The therapist maintains confidentiality of the
proceedings. However, at regular intervals the play therapist will meet the
parents to review the child’s progress.
If you would like to make an appointment, please call Li’l Champs on 9326443341
or email to us on r _
Consultation by appointment only
Mehta Clinic Shop#33, Parmar Pavan, Lulla Nagar,Kondhwa, Pune 411 048


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