Surviving Cancer

For all cancer patients, life after recovery is never the same. Although they step out of the shadow of cancer physically, many remain tied to it mentally for the rest of their lives unless they make a conscious effort to get out of it. The words ‘cancer survivor’ is inspiring during the treatment and boosts up your spirits at the end of the treatment however do you really want to be labelled a cancer survivor for the rest of your life? Ever wondered why other terminal illnesses (hepatitis C or Asthma or diabetes or cardiac arrests or other traumas such as earthquake) haven’t got such survivor name tag to them? Pause and think before you go any further….What is actually the role of the patient here in the recovery? Apart from the physical pain and mental trauma, managing the illness is the work of a doctor, like in any illness.  Then why glorify it for the rest of your life? Why make it the centre of your existence. Don’t you feel that you need to move on with your life like one does with all illnesses / traumas? Because if you don’t are you not subtly and surely wallowing in self-glorification of something that you haven’t really worked on? Is this then another way of portraying yourself as a victim and wasting time wallowing in self-pity? This is the conscious decision that you need to make at the end of the treatment which in turn will shape up your remaining life. Will you be known as cancer survivor or someone who has achieved more than surviving a trauma in his/ her field? Just being just a cancer survivor does not help to regain confidence in oneself. But if one goes on further to make his dreams come true then it does help.

Lance Armstrong, one of the cancer survivors did just that. He went back to pursue his dreams with the ferocity that drowned all the woes of cancer. Will our Indian skipper, Yuvraj Singh follow his path?

This article is a follow up on the previous article on Yuvraj Singh and surviving cancer :

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