Depression Treatment Options

However the client should be aware of the treatment options so that he /she can discuss with the consultant. Broadly speaking, the treatment of depression rests on two factors Medication, and Psychotherapy or Counselling.

  • Medication is required for moderate and severe depressive disorder cases.
  • Counseling and psychotherapy serves as an edge in treating depression and need to be started simultaneously along with medicines.
  • You should continue the full course of psychotherapy even if you are feeling better to prevent a relapse.
  • Suddenly stopping antidepressants can precipitate a relapse. Medication needs be tapered gradually under your doctor’s supervision.





Come summer holidays and you will be suffering from the working mother syndrome as you try to balance the conflicting demands of work pressure and expectations of careers, family and self. Here are some tips to manage the children’s desires and find that balance between work and family.

Spend time to find out what interests your child and list all the activities that he / she would like to indulge in.. Children who cannot make up their minds would need your help. Next, prioritize the activities after discussion with the child and family members. Keep in mind your obligations to the family and also availability of time. Initially your children may feel disappointed that they cannot do all the desired things. But carefully explaining them the background will go a long way in teaching children to compromise and accept gracefully what they cannot have.

Play is crucial for a child’s physical and emotional development. So leave some free time for your child to do what he / she wants. This, which is very often dismissed as a time waster, is now recognized as one of the indispensable tool of therapy with children having emotional and behavioral problem.

SUMMER CAMPS are a good idea. However, they may be a traumatic for children who suffer from separation anxiety. Test waters by sending them once for an overnight camp and see how they feel

MAKE SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES A FAMILY ACTIVITY: Think of an activity that the entire family can do together. It could be a weekend chore or and outdoor sport. A family that plays together stays together.

ALLOCATE RESPONSIBILITY: Asking children to help you with daily chores will help in taking some time pressure off you. It will also g a long way in disciplining your child and teaching them to take on responsibilities.

Initiate contact with parents of other kids who go along with your child to the activity class. This will help in easing time pressures by sharing pick up and drop responsibilities with them

Maintain a calendar of all the family members important events and their daily routine. Seeing the big picture makes it easy to plan ahead for days with conflicts and you won’t find yourself trying to drive kids in two directions at once while you are supposed to be in that important meeting.

SEEK BALANCE: If your child is involved in multiple activities, balance the physical activities such as sports with art or music and academic. Do not over burden your life and that of your child with rigorous training or purely academic oriented activities unless you find that drive in your child.

FLEXI WORKING HOURS: If you are able to arrange for flexi hours during the holidays nothing like it. Else find a day care for a younger child. Check if the day care offers different hobby activities which your child can be exposed to.